Robert Galarowicz Shares His Reality of Being Chronically Ill and How Hypnosis Helps Him!

Dr. G's Hypnosis & Holistic Healing Headshot Since a young age, I have experienced chronic illness from constant colds, depression and survived through every aspect of kidney disease which led to kidney failure and being on dialysis for 3 years. I was lucky enough to have a second chance at life through a kidney transplant. 

I was always looking to help myself, whether through diet and nutrition or mind-body techniques such as yoga and meditation. And than I discovered hypnosis. Which is something that has truly changed my life for the better and it allows me to help myself and the people I work with from all aspects of life. 

After I received a kidney transplant and got my life together, I studied to become a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Clinical Hypnotist. I spent thousands of hours researching, consulting with hypnosis and mind-body healing experts and learning everything I could and still continue to learn and grow everyday. 

I have multiple certifications and commendations from leading organizations in hypnosis and the holistic healing arts. I am an approved trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotists where I can train and certify people in hypnosis. 

It’s been really gratifying to help and see so many men, women and children get so much out of hypnosis and improve their lives. 

And I really hope you’ll give my hypnosis services a chance and try them for yourself. 


Robert Galarowicz ND