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“If Everything You’ve Tried So Far To Lose Unwanted Pounds, Move On From A Breakup, Relieve Anxiety, Stop A Bad Habit, Get A Refreshing Night’s Sleep, Or Make ANY Other Positive Change In Your Life Has Failed You…

Then It’s Time You Took A Look At What Professional Clinical Hypnosis by Dr. Robert, Master Hypnotist, Can Do For You

Whether you live in the New Jersey / New York area, and can come in to my office … or even if you live anywhere else in the USA and can connect by phone/skype ...

…I can help you feel better about yourself and your life almost IMMEDIATELY! Here’s now:

hypnosis to sleep and stop smoking

Quit smoking with just ONE session!

“Imagine smoking for 13 years and then breaking your habit with just ONE session of hypnosis! Well that’s the power of Dr. Robert’s hypnotist sessions, along with the audio track of my session he GAVE me to take home and listen to. Thanks Dr. Robert!”

– William Novacek
   Wayne, Passaic County, NJ

Let me share with you the most effective natural way to break bad habits and improve your whole life using hypnosis and other proven mind-body techniques (often with only one to three visits).

Listen to these clients (and those below)
from Rockland NY, Bergen, Orange, and
Passaic Counties of New York & New Jersey

Dear struggling friend,

Do you struggle with your attempts to lose weight, stop smoking, overcome worry, move forward from a breakup, PTSD or feeling stuck in life? Conquer fears (like public speaking, heights, trying new things or driving), or getting a good night’s sleep?

Would you like to handle stress better, boost your confidence and self-image, or improve your performance in sports or at work?

Have you “tried everything” without success – and perhaps even ended up worse off than when you started, maybe taking an even greater hit to your self-confidence?

If diets have failed to make you eat better, if “willpower” has failed to help you move one in life, if your looking to address a problem naturally, if “sleep” drugs have failed to give you a restful night, if you or a loved one have been unable to kick that bad habit or overcome that embarrassing behavior…

Then it’s time you took a closer look at what clinical hypnosis by an expert hypnotist can do for you because…

You can beat ANY of these problems, and more, quicker and easier than you ever dreamed possible when you put my proven Clinical Hypnosis Consulting to work for you


Dr. Robert hypnotist nj My name is Robert Galarowicz (my clients just call me Dr. Robert or Dr. G) – a Naturopath, and Clinical Hypnosis – Hypnotist Consultant with more than 13 years’ success helping both adults and children change their lives for the better, using Clinical Hypnosis and other proven effective mind-body therapies….

… in New Jersey (I have two office locations for your convenience), and all across the USA through phone/skype.

With my help, you too can now change ANY undesirable behaviour, adopt new empowering habits, beat bad habits, and even overcome or improve many physical and emotional conditions – without resorting to questionable prescription drugs or invasive surgery. You get the tools and strategies you need to totally turn your life around in the fastest and simplest way possible.

And you will suddenly realize you now have the drive, the determination, and the stick-to-it attitude to become a success.

In fact, my clients say a few things below …


Call now to book your session:
201-464-2443 or 201-618-3534

(…or continue reading to learn more about hypnosis, 
who else uses it, and what it can do for YOU!)

Now before we continue any further, let’s consider…


What exactly IS hypnosis…

Hypnosis is, quite simply, the most SCIENTIFIC, QUICKEST and EASIEST way to eradicate those habits, beliefs and behaviors that have always been the root cause of your problems … and replace them with new beliefs and new habits that lead naturally to the results and the life you desire.

Just like these folks have:

hypnosis for anxiety

Anxiety is GONE … along with my constipation and excess weight!

“Although I had never been to a hypnotherapist before, I went to Dr. Robert because I heard his clinical hypnosis methods could help relieve my Irritable Bowel Syndrome, anxiety, and stress-related constipation. And I’m so glad I did. All my symptoms are better than EVER now. Dr. Robert has even helped me lose weight by correcting my bad eating habits. The whole process was so easy and overall a great experience!”

– Magdalena Tekiela
Ridgewood, Bergen County, New Jersey


hypnotist client for weight

I USED TO have a fear of heights and flying…

“It used to be that I would cry and have panic attacks if I got on a plane, I was so afraid. But thanks to Dr. Robert’s hypnosis therapy and breathing techniques, I was able to fly across the country to visit family, totally calm and relaxed the whole way. I even went for a HELICOPTER ride while I was in New York City! I’ve gone back to Dr. Robert’s clinical hypnosis center for a few other issues too, and am THRILLED with the results!”

– Melissa Johnson
Suffern, Rockland County, New York


I Am Finally Moving on

“A bad relationship really put me in a down state and after going to therapy, and being like this for a year and a half I decided to try hypnosis. I found Dr. Robert, hypnotist, on YouTube and did two sessions with him. It was a big improvement, I was sleeping better, not freaking out over little things and my energy was improving. I was finally feeling hopeful. I did two more sessions and felt back to how I was before. I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Robert. My only regret is not coming to him sooner.”

– Jodi Cruz
Bergen County, New Jersey


Your two minds:

In a manner of speaking, you possess TWO minds. The first is your conscious mind which is concerned with reasoning, speech, logic, reading and controlling your physical actions. But your conscious mind accounts for only a small fraction of your brainpower.

And even then, it is strongly guided by…

…your subconscious mind – the most powerful part of your mind. This is where you store such “intangibles” as your memory, self-image, your vast storehouse of knowledge, self-esteem, creativity, and so much more. So you see, almost your entire “power to change” – your ability to replace one habit with another – is locked up in your subconscious mind, where it can be difficult to get at on your own.

That’s where I come in!

Because all the methods, strategies and technology I use with you UNLOCK the complex control mechanisms of your subconscious mind so you can change any belief, any behavior, that has until now been interfering with your ultimate enjoyment of Life.

Hypnosis is a completely safe, natural state in which your body and mind are deeply relaxed … but not quite asleep. In fact, your mind remains clear, alert, and focused the whole time!

During hypnosis, your subconscious mind opens up to suggestion and is available to you to make any positive changes you want in your life.


How many times have YOU been in a state of hypnosis today?

The thing is, each of us naturally drifts in and out of hypnotic states many times during a normal day even though we aren’t aware of it.

For example, how many times have you been driving your car, thinking about something utterly unrelated … when you suddenly realized you missed your exit or got to your destination without realizing how you got there, or you couldn’t recall anything from that stretch of road?

Have you ever gone to the theater, and gotten so caught up in the story that you totally forgot … it’s only a MOVIE!? (This is one of the main reasons theaters are so dark, and isolated from external noise – the hypnotic state you’re in intensifies your experience and enjoyment, and makes for a more lasting impression, by getting you more “into” the story.)

And of course, most of us daydream from time to time – this too is simply a natural and quite normal state of hypnosis.

During these times – just like when you are involved in one of my Clinical Hypnosis sessions – you’re neither fully awake nor fast asleep. Instead, you’re just drifting along comfortably and contentedly somewhere in between.

Wondering whether you can even BE hypnotized? The fact is almost anyone who WANTS to be hypnotized CAN be hypnotized.

Forget about those stage performers though, with their pocket watches, spinning discs, and making people cluck like chickens.

Because REAL hypnosis – therapeutic hypnosis – is nothing like that. It is instead 100% safe, all-natural, extremely effective, you NEVER lose control, and both proven and endorsed by thousands upon thousands of knowledgeable people.

Bear in mind, though: Your conscious mind, in an effort to “protect” you from any input that runs contrary to your preconceived beliefs, always tries to block change from taking place.

So that’s why we simply bypass your conscious mind’s “screening system” – leaving you free to directly and simply order any productive change YOU desire.


…and who “officially” endorses it?

First of all, the American Psychological Association has endorsed hypnosis as an actual branch of psychology itself. (At the same time, they denounced “stage hypnosis” because it gives people the wrong view of what CLINICAL Hypnosis really is.)

In their June 2000 issue, the highly-respected Journal of the American Medical Association reprinted an article from the Journal of Applied Physiology which reported on the incredible benefits certain pain patients received, as well as those with extreme anxiety, with hypnosis.

The British Medical Association, in April 1955, endorsed therapeutic hypnosis for treating various psychoneuroses (such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, anger issues, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, disturbing repetitive thoughts, and more) as well as to manage pain throughout pregnancy and childbirth, and during surgery.

In India, the Department of Health has recommended hypnotherapy as being acceptable and effective when performed by properly trained professionals.

Even the Pope endorses hypnosis! Back in 1956, Pope Pius XII officially approved of hypnosis for treatment, diagnosis, and childbirth when used by trained healthcare professionals.

And there is an ever-growing list of medical and psychological institutions and organizations all around the world who approve of and endorse Clinical Hypnosis Therapy.

And here’s something else that may surprise you:


Many of the most well-known athletes, politicians, actors and entrepreneurs – and some of the greatest minds throughout history – credit some part of their success to hypnosis!

There’s certainly no end to the list of “household names” who have used hypnosis to great effect. For example…

During filming of “Waterworld” Kevin Costner flew his PERSONAL hypnotist all the way to Hawaii to cure him of seasickness. Many celebrities have quit smoking using hypnosis – like Drew Barrymore, Ashton Kutcher, Matt Damon, Ellen DeGeneres, Samuel L. Jackson, and Simon Cowell. Even “tough guy” Sylvester Stallone, when filming Rocky, worked closely with a hypnotherapist.

Julia Roberts, James Earl Jones (the voice of Darth Vader), and Bruce Willis have all used hypnosis to put an end to their stuttering!

And when Orlando Bloom – best known for his roles in the Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean movies – was just a child, his mother took him to a hypnotist to overcome his strong addiction to chocolate. Jessica Alba, meanwhile, strongly recommends hypnosis to deal with the pains of childbirth since using it during her own pregnancy.

And did you know that Winston Churchill, during World War II, effectively employed hypnotic suggestion so he could remain awake and do his duty as the Prime Minister of England? Thomas Edison made use of self-hypnosis too, as a creativity aid. Henry Ford used it for problem-solving. And it is even reported that Mozart composed his famous “Cosi Fan Tutte” while in a hypnotic state. (Sergei Rachmaninoff, on the other hand, DEFINITELY composed his “Second Piano Concerto” with the help of a post-hypnotic suggestion from hypnosis pioneer Nikolai Dahl.)

And in the world of sports, hypnosis is practically a GIVEN to achieve maximum focus and performance, and manage pain from injuries. The roster of athletes who openly credit hypnosis for at least some part of their success includes Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Jack Nicklaus, Rod Carew, Ken Norton, tennis stars Jimmy Connors and Andre Agassi, bodybuilders Cory Everson and Dorian Yates, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, the entire 1982 Chicago White Sox team, and far too many more to list.

Even Albert Einstein was known to use hypnosis every afternoon. During one of these sessions, while in a trance state, he came up with the idea for his Theory of Relativity!


And the media RAVES about hypnosis, too…

You’d be hard-pressed to name a major magazine, journal, or news outlet that hasn’t sung the praises of hypnosis at one time or another.

Here are some quotes from just a few of them:

“18 studies showed that people who learned self-hypnosis lost TWICE as much weight as those who didn’t.”
– Oprah Winfrey’s “O Magazine”, August 2004

“. . . a growing body of research supports hypnotherapy as an effective tool in the treatment of a variety of problems, from anxiety to chronic pain.”
– Newsweek, September 2004

“. . . new findings are leading major hospitals to try hypnosis to help relieve pain and speed recovery on a variety of illnesses.”
Wall Street Journal, October 2003

“Hypnotherapy can also be applied to improving study habits, stress reduction and raising self-esteem. To those in search of better physical or mental health, it’s equally important that hypnotism is becoming increasingly accepted by the medical establishment and is certified by the American Psychiatric Association.”
Forbes, October 2005


By now, you’re perhaps beginning to realize…

Hypnosis is such a powerful and PROVEN therapeutic option when you want to overcome almost any issue bothering you, take control of your beliefs and behaviors, and improve practically ANY area of your life.

When properly conducted by a trained professional hypnotist, Clinical Hypnosis empowers you to quickly and easily achieve the results you desire but have been unable to bring about on your own.

When you come to me for help, you can feel secure and safe, knowing you’re working with a well-established and respected professional hypnotist, in a relaxed environment. In fact…

One of the largest hypnosis referral networks in North America ranks me as one of the top 12 hypnosis professionals among their 1500 members, and routinely selects me as their go-to professional in the New Jersey and New York area! 

During your hypnosis session, you are in full control, you cannot be made to do or say anything you choose not to, and you have the power to bring yourself up out of your hypnotic state any time you want. There is absolutely ZERO negative impact from therapeutic hypnosis – just pure, refreshing, all-natural improvement in whatever area of your life you choose.

Everything we do in our sessions together is totally transparent. That’s why I encourage you to bring along a friend or family member if it will help you feel more relaxed, safe, and confident.

Weight is down, and career is up!

I’ve always had a horrible fear of public speaking, so when I took a new promotion I knew it was going to be a problem. And things just got worse as time went on. Soon, my nerves were shot and I could hardly sleep at night. I found you while searching on the Internet, and after we spoke I visited your office. Although I was nervous at first, you put me at ease and by the time we started I was totally comfortable. That old fear of speaking in public is now a thing of the past – no more problem! So then I did some weight loss hypnosis sessions with you and not only did they kill my bread cravings and my late-night snacking, I am still exercising three days a week.

– Nick Zakowski
Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ


Here are just SOME of the things you can achieve when you apply my mind-body techniques and clinical hypnosis to your goals…

  • Overcome self-destructive addictions like excessive eating, smoking, gambling, not exercising …
  • Defuse stressful feelings, and eliminate worry and sadness – my proven, life-changing therapies can help you with ANY emotional issues you may be struggling with…
  • Quickly move forward from a breakup, stop intrusive thoughts, overcome trauma/ptsd …
  • Melt away those unwanted pounds – not through risky starvation diets or expensive gym memberships but by effortlessly changing how you FEEL about certain foods – now you can finally enjoy the kind of body you’ve always dreamed of having (but never really believed you could) …
  • Conquer destructive and embarrassing habits such as nail biting, nervous twitches, stuttering and finger-tapping, or any other obsessive behaviors…
  • Overcome deep-seated emotional issues, fears, and phobias (like flying, driving, or public speaking) and erase the impact of past traumas…
  • Put an end to restless nights and insomnia once and for all by using hypnosis to relax your body, quiet your mind, and finally get a deep, refreshing sleep and if you wake up you fall right back to sleep – night after night…
  • Develop UNSTOPPABLE self-confidence, banish self-doubt, and like yourself – “once again”, or perhaps for the first time in your life! Yes, you really can overcome ANY self-image issues you may have suffered with until now …
  • Heal faster from injury and eliminate chronic pain – speed your recovery from surgery, child-birth, and more…

Of course this only scratches the surface of how my Clinical Hypnosis Techniques and Mind-Body Therapy services can give you the body, and the life, of your dreams.

So here’s a quick, abbreviated “laundry list” of some of the other conditions, ailments, and habits you can successfully treat when you use my Clinical Hypnosis Service, along with some of the positive traits you can replace them with:

* manage fear and pain * reduce anxiety, tension, and stress (which, in turn, can often alleviate certain stress-related skin disorders, sexual dysfunction, and other issues) * improve performance in sports or at work * improve your mood * “let go” of past relationships * improve focus, concentration, and study habits * “release” emotional trauma from your past * overcome shyness * prepare for (and recover from) surgery * improve relationships and get along better with others * establish more “empowering” habits like regular exercise and better eating habits * boost ambition and drive, and overcome procrastination * deal with grief * improve career results (like sales performance) * overcome IBS, bed-wetting, and asthma * do away with panic attacks and depression * treat certain heart and circulatory problems, and diabetes * relieve inflammation and joint pain (and the accompanying loss of mobility) * eliminate ulcers and other stomach problems * banish chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain…


Yes you really can accomplish so much more than you may have once believed possible!

So if there is anything you’d like to change, anything you’d like to achieve, which you don’t see in the above list or anywhere else on this page as you read carefully through it, then simply contact me so we can discuss your unique situation, and the possibilities available to you.


Here are four great reasons why you can now accomplish ANY change you wish to make, quicker and easier than ever before, with the help of my unmatched Mind-Body Consulting and Clinical Hypnosis

…and how my service is different than any other hypnosis, hypnotist or counseling service available

Reason #1: There is nothing “traditional” about the hypnosis sessions you receive here!

Here’s the thing – unlike most other hypnosis/hypnotists I use only the latest in advanced brainwave technologies so you can enjoy the highest success rate around. I use the only scientifically-validated hypnosis methodology available to ensure you can take greater control of your beliefs and your mind, gain greater insight and a deeper understanding of your personal issues, and finally eliminate any problem areas you face.

A few “extras” to give you even GREATER and FASTER success…

You might be shocked when you arrive, to discover I use many non-traditional techniques and tools to give you a tremendous edge in your pursuit of change – things like a hypnosensor (finger sensor to see your level of hypnosis, special hypnoglasses that help you detach from your surroundings, headsets, and even a cushy-soft recliner for greater comfort.

These added touches GUARANTEE you’ll enter a deep, relaxing state of hypnosis and stay there long enough to achieve MAXIMUM therapeutic effect, and achieve the changes you seek. These tools also help us determine with certainty the best hypnosis and change techniques for YOU.

Calm and relaxed now with no more IBS!

“I still can’t get over how you got rid of my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (and frequent trips to the bathroom) just by helping me relax and stay calm during stressful situations. There is no doubt in my mind – your hypnotherapy methods WORK!”

– Elizabeth Donatti
Mahwah, Bergen County, New Jersey

Because of this rather unique approach to treatment, I’m continually adding to the methodologies I can use to help you reach your goals quicker and easier.

That’s why I currently hold a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a Doctorate Degree in Naturopathy … multiple certifications as a HypnoCounselor, Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Consultant, Certified Pediatric Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor … along with certification and training in meditation, Life Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Traditional and Nontraditional Counseling, Biofeedback, Somatic Therapies, EMDR, EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) Stress Reduction Techniques, Cognitive Behavior Techniques (CBT), Guided Imagery, Clinical and Holistic Nutrition, and Herbs.

And as perhaps the only professional practitioner of hypnosis using brainwave entrainment technology to enhance your hypnotic state, my success rate is appreciably greater than what you can hope for with most other hypnosis consultants.

I’m even a Certified Instructor of hypnosis, and one of only 1000 or so people nationwide able to certify you as a hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. 

Reason #2: You have access to many other mind-body techniques in addition to hypnosis, making this the ONLY place you need to turn to for ANY personal change you desire!

You’d have to visit a half dozen other therapists just to try out all the different options I give you in a single session, including (but not limited to):

  • Traditional Talk Techniques …
  • EMDR & EFT (Tapping) …
  • Eastern Meditation …
  • Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Techniques …
  • Breathing & Somatic Exercises …
  • Thought Control and Changing …
  • Problem Solving Techniques …
  • Audio Visual Brain Wave Entrainment …
  • Stress Management Techniques …
  • Diet, Supplement & Nutrition Recommendations – if your interested   

…and MORE!

I admit that’s a pretty extensive list of treatment options. But I consider it critical to provide you with them because of…

Reason #3: This ultra-varied, holistic approach to change ensures we use hypnosis And the most effective techniques in your particular situation!

This “best of the best” approach, drawing upon so many different methodologies for change, is guaranteed to give you the greatest control over your mind, your body, and your life with absolutely no side effects … in the shortest time possible … and yielding the greatest long-term quality and enjoyment of Life.

You also get a FREE recording of your hypnosis sessions! This is because it’s not always possible to recall every little detail once you’re back home. So I let you “take your session home” with you, and enjoy it again and again, anytime you want. (I recommend you do it nightly before you go to sleep). This reinforces any positive changes you make in our session together.

And even all of the above is not all you get because, in most cases, I will even teach you simple self-hypnosis techniques you can use almost ANYWHERE you are, to work on ANY other issues that may be bothering you – not only the one you come to see me about.

Reason #4: You are fully protected by my exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee that my unique healing techniques and treatments produce positive change in your life!

In fact, let me spell it out for you as clearly as I can, in big impossible-to-miss letters…


Here’s my ironclad, totally risk-free, 100% GUARANTEE of YOUR satisfaction

Let’s face it, unless you’ve had a positive experience with hypnosis before, you may be feeling a little uncertain about trying it now. I understand that. And I can appreciate it.

That’s why I want to do all I can to make you feel confident in your choice. And that’s why I make you this simple, crystal-clear promise, backed by my professional standing:

I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE you will see definite positive improvements in any issue you come to me for, using my hypnosis and mind-body service … or I will refund your money in full up to 7 days after your visit.

In other words, after your treatment you will have greater understanding and control of your issues … you’ll feel more confident and assured in your ability to overcome them … and you will clearly see an appreciable boost in your quality of life…

Or you’ll get all your money back, and pay absolutely nothing.


I’m sure you’d agree I can’t be more fair than that.

Of course I couldn’t make you such an offer, and stay in business very long (remember I’ve been helping people just like you for more than 13 years) unless my methods worked as well as I claim. Thankfully … THEY DO!

Knee pain gone – I feel so much better

“After suffering with chronic pain in my knee for YEARS, and undergoing surgery just five months ago, I could hardly walk up the stairs my knee pain was so bad. But thanks to your pain reduction hypnosis treatment, I actually completed a 2 mile hike last weekend – UPHILL – and kept up with the group. And I had NO PAIN! There is no way I could’ve done it without your help and I am so grateful. Thanks Dr. Robert!”

– Josh Benevides
Franklin Lakes, Bergen County, New Jersey


Less stress and better sleep!

“Because a friend of mine had such great results losing weight with your help, I decided to try your hypnosis treatment to bring down my stress levels and help me sleep. So-called sleep medications just left me feeling groggy the next day. But with your help, including the self-hypnosis technique you taught me, I’ve been sleeping through the night every night and have so much more energy now. Thanks for all your help!”

– Sandy Dresner
Elmwood Park, Bergen County, New Jersey


My sports have improved and I’m sleeping better

“Not only have you improved my college basketball game but I am now sleeping soundly through the night because of your hypnosis therapy methods. Best of all, I can use the self-hypnosis techniques you taught me to eliminate ANY problem, and help achieve my goals. I always recommend anyone with an interest in trying hypnosis to call Dr. Robert.”

– Dante Hernandez
Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey


The testimonials you can read on this page (and the many, many more I have on file in my office) from other clients like you throughout New York, New Jersey, and the rest of the USA are irrefutable proof of how well my clinical hypnosis service helps people live a better life.


You may be wondering by now… 
“How much will this cost?”

Well, let me ask you this:

What would it be worth to you to achieve your goal, and eradicate this problem that has plagued you for perhaps much of your life already?

I just want you to completely and honestly consider the value of finally being able to live your life the way you’ve only been able to DREAM of living it until now.

Perhaps your issue has actually cost you cold hard cash, if it is somehow related to your ability to earn a living. Or maybe the “cost” has been an intangible one such as a relationship that has suffered because of some embarrassing habit.

At any rate, I’m sure you can begin to see by now the value of investing in something with the power to eliminate those issues, or any other you might face, once and for all – to finally be able to turn your back on them, and never have to deal with them again.

Now that you’ve honestly considered the value of the change you so desperately wish to make … and given the fact that your investment is fully protected by my 100% ironclad money-back satisfaction guarantee … I think you’ll be quite pleasantly surprised to discover…

Your investment is only $195 for your first session, and $95 for any subsequent visits (if they’re even needed – and quite often, they aren’t).


Call now to book your life-changing hypnosis session: 201-464-2443 or 201-618-3534
(…or read on, if you’re still not quite sure.)

PLEASE don’t give up hope.
PLEASE don’t give up on yourself!

I’m sure you’ll agree…

Living the life you dream of every day is worth FAR more than that, isn’t it? And you’re free to pay with your choice of cash, check, PayPal, ANY major credit/debit cards and even FSA or HSA accounts.

Listen, if you’re anything like the thousands of other people I’ve helped achieve a better life – most of whom come to me after struggling for YEARS, trying to lose weight, over trauma, relationships, bad habits or quit smoking,or improve their lives in some other way…

Then you’ve already tried everything else you could think of, everything you’ve read about or heard about … but all you ever got in the long run for your efforts was greater guilt, deeper despair, and feelings of hopelessness.

You might even be “this close” to giving up all hope of ever finding the solution you pray for, believing this problem is entirely your own fault.

Well, it’s time to STOP thinking that way … and let me help.


If not NOW, then WHEN? If not
THIS solution, then HOW?

A quick question for you:

How many times have you read articles like this? The fact that you’ve read this far, through this entire lengthy letter, obviously says you MUST be concerned about your health, your problem, your weight, your peace of mind. You must have been frustrated and disappointed with previous attempts and failures to overcome your “issue.”

And now, having read this whole page, and wanting as you do to finally change your life for the better – and especially after I’ve removed any risk from your investment with my unbeatable 100% satisfaction guarantee…

Isn’t it time you took action?

Because if you don’t make the decision to finally succeed now … when WILL you? What more could you possibly need to motivate you to action? This part is all up to you!

Try this:

Close your eyes for a moment, imaging whats it like to conquer your problem, or maybe see yourself slipping into clothes you never thought you’d be able to wear again. Sense the feeling of enjoying good times with friends without so much as a single cigarette craving. Imagine waking in the morning, feeling fully refreshed after a good, long sleep – ready and raring to start your day. See the broad smiles on your kids’ faces as you board a plane with CONFIDENCE and joyful anticipation of your family flight for the first time ever.


Let’s beat this for good – TOGETHER!

Whatever the issue that’s been eating away at you for so long – imagine how you’re going to feel once you’ve beaten it for good.

Now open your eyes and ask yourself whether you REALLY want it – are you really READY to enjoy it? And as soon as you hear that voice whisper “YES! I’m ready” … pick up the phone and give me a call, email me or text me. Because I’m ready to help.

Your first session will take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours. The results however can last a lifetime.

Call, email or text right now, and finally fulfill your dream of a slimmer you, a smoke-free you, a more confident and success-oriented you, a calmer and more peaceful you: call 201-464-2443 or call/text 201-618-3534 or

Please Note: To be perfectly honest with you, I have only a limited number of openings available right now, so I encourage you to act quickly.

Why spend ANY more time beating yourself up over past failures to make the positive changes you want in your life, when that new you – the one you wish for with all your heart – can be achieved so quickly, so effortlessly?


Use One Of These
SIMPLE and QUICK Methods
To Get Started Now:

Here’s what you need to do – just enter your information in the boxes below, and then hit the submit button.

OR …

For even faster service, simply call my office at 201-464-2443 or 201-618-3534 – even if it’s the middle of the night! (Just leave a message, and I will call you back – usually within 24-48 hours.)

Once you’ve done that, you will have taken a VERY IMPORTANT first step to helping yourself!

I’m waiting to hear from you…


Robert Galarowicz, NZ


Clinical Hypnosis Consultant
and Naturopath


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Call: 201-464-2443 or 201-618-3534

P.S. – Remember my guarantee:

Your investment is fully covered by my 100% professional hypnosis money-back guarantee. Try out my service completely risk-free. You really do have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

P.P.S – If you’re not in the New Jersey or New York area, and would like to experience a tremendously effective consultation by phone, then simply call me at 201-464-2443 or 201-618-3534, and leave a message if I don’t answer. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.